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pp. 8. Illustrated. Disbound, in very good condition.

*TO OUR READERS - GREETING ! CITY LIFE ! We use the word in its broadest sense. We take our stand somewhere near the centre of the metropolis - let us say under the shadow of the much-abused Griffin. On one side lies the City of London, with its teeming multitudes, its wealth, its poverty, its endless struggles of today; its romance, its associations of the past. To the West extends the City of Westminster, not less populous, not less ancient, not less interesting than its toiling sister of the east. Life in these two cities is inexhaustible in its variety, illimitable in its far-reachingness.' COPAC gives the BL copy only.

Financial World Ltd., Fleet Street, London.

Date Published: December 1889. Vol.1, no.1. Large folio.

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