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pp. 12. Front page with some colour-printing, many illustrations. Disbound, else in excellent condition.

*EDITORIAL NOTICE : 'They're Off Is a cry fraught with big meaning to many a man on a racecourse, and no less is this the case when a journalistic owner starts a 'dark horse' as a candidate for the POPULARITY STAKES.' Thus mostly concerning the Turf and Horses, with a £20 prize for correctly predicting the three winning jockeys in their order of precedence on the first of every month, biographies of jockeys and owners, a detective story ['It is with the two girls that my story mainly is concerned. We became acquainted with them in the usual way men of our stamp drop in with women of a lower grade....'] and advertisements for hair restorer, Beecham's Pills and gold watches. The Australian edition was available in Sydney and Melbourne, and there is a full-page article by CHARTERS PATON - 'Our Australian Sketch Book'. COPAC records the British Library copy only. It ran until 1894 and was continued by Sporting Sketches till 1907.

W. Lucas, at the Office, Fleet Street, London.

Date Published: April 6, 1892. Vol.1 no. 1. Folio.

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