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WILLIAMS, H. A., Photographic Artist.
Positive print on glass of a seated woman holding a child, within a shaped mount, aperture size c.7 x. 9 cms., some added colour, within a moulded frame, size 18 x 20 cms.

The lower corner of the glass plate has been broken into two sections and are retained by the mount.

*It is unusual for photographs to be printed upon glass but equally interesting is the printed advertisement on the reverse of the frame, used to paste over the back of the mount. This is torn around the edges, affecting some of the print, but most is untouched and reads : H.A. WILLIAMS, PHOTOGRAPHIC ARTIST, (Late of High Street, Cheltenham,) Begs to inform the Nobility, Gentry, and Inhabitants, that he has arrivedwith his SPACIOUS PHOTOGRAPHIC SALOON CARRIAGE, In This Place, For a Short Time, And hetrusts that he willrecieve a portion of that patronage which his Productions merit..................... &c.&c. Portraits taken in any Weather from 1s. Upwards &c.&c. Carte de Visite, 1 copy, 3s. Ditto 6 Copies, 6s., Ditto 12 Copies 10s. &c.&c. Photographic Apparatus on Sale - The Art Taught.

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