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Sunny Memories. An Album for the Artistic Display of Photographs. Designed by MATTHEW SURFACE. Editor of The Practical Photographer.

Comprising 12 card leaves, each side of which has a pierced overlay for the display of a varied number of photographs, of different formats. Six of these overlays have been a little torn, but the album is in overall very good condition in the original red cloth gilt. There are 140 separate photographs, mostly albumen prints, the occasional platinum print, attached by means of stamp edging at the corners and below the overlays; one of the photographs is torn, otherwise all in good condition.

*The main content of the album appears to relate to a boys school, possibly in Herefordshire. There are two charming group photographs of the boys with teachers and a uniformed caretaker/janitor, a cricket team, separate prints of teachers and boys by the river, a part-timbered building [possibly the school], a number of images of children, the family pets, adult groups [possibly the head-teacher and family], and various houses and outdoor scenes. Only two prints are identified - Leominster Priory and Eaton Hall [Cheshire - the Waterhouse incarnation, completed in 1882], there is also one of the Blackpool Tower, completed in 1894, a couple of Chamonix and of the most interest, six beach scenes with exceptional detail [donkeys, bathing huts, horse vehicles, life-boats, crowds at the water's edge]. There are a couple of street scenes, a carnival procession and a life-boat being towed by a crowd, a couple of views of washerwomen scrubbing clothes at the side of the river or the sea, and numerous others of charm and interest. MATTHEW SURFACE was the pseudonym of PERCY LUND, the editor of The Junior Photographer, 1894-1900, when it merged with The Practical Photographer. The album is thus post-1900 in production and the clothing of the subjects in the pictures would give a date for the early twentieth century, probably in the first decade.

Lund Humphries. Bradford & London.

Date Published: No date [c.1910]. 4to.

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