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BATSFORD, Sir Brian Cook.
A portrait in oil on board, SIZE: 30 inches x 22.5 inches, showing BRIAN COOK [BATSFORD] in a [? his] library, the artist T[HELMA] BURRELL, signed lower right, undated.

In very good condition apart from a few minor scuffs and scratches.

*THELMA BURRELL is recorded as having had an exhibition of her work at the Sue Rankin Gallery, London, in 1987. A Prospectus for the exhibition is in the Courtauld Institute Library. The portrait appears to have been done from life and has a great deal of personality. The National Portrait Gallery has a few photographs of Brian Cook though no painted portrait. SIR BRIAN CALDWELL COOK BATSFORD [1910-1991] was painter, designer, publisher and Conservative Party politician. He was nephew to Harry Batsford, the publisher, and adopted his mother's maiden name in 1946. He began to paint whilst at school and in 1928 started to work for the production department of his uncle's firm, B.T. Batsford. His first dust jacket design was for The Villages of England (1932) when he was 21 years of age. He became chairman of Batsford, from 1952 until 1974 and was artist-designer of the range of Batsford books from the 1930s through to the 1950s. The distinctive, somewhat startling, colours and flat perspectives produced images much admired and collected today. Cook also attended to other features of the dust jacket such as the quality of the paper and chose a rough textured paper that did not slip from the book or the hand, as had been the case with earlier Batsford titles. He also painted images that wrapped around the entire jacket; the old Batsford jackets had an illustration on the front but the rear panel was blank and quickly became grubby. SEE also : G. THOMAS TANSELLE Book-Jackets. Their History, Forms, and Use, 2011, pp.35 and 57.

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