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The Life and Recollections of E. M. Davenport, Major, H.M. 66th Regiment. Written by Himself. 'Notes of What I have Seen and Done.' From 1835 to 1850.

pp. (iv), 416. New cloth, last few lower corners a bit creased, occasional marginal mark, else a good copy with the name of MRS. GATACRE, GATACRE, in pencil on the half-title.

*Scarce - COPAC gives 5 locations [copyright libraries and B/m]. Page 1 : 'When I was just seventeen years old, my father got my name put down upon Lord Hill's private list for a Commission in the army, through a great friend of both parties, Colonel Gatacre, of Gatacre, Colonel in the Shropshire Militia.' [See ownership above]. Davenport took his Commission in 1835 and from then until 1850, he travelled the world - the book gives an account of his experiences from the start in Plymouth, to Ireland, thence Canada, America, back to England, Scotland [for the shooting season], Ireland, Demerara and the Essequibo, finally the West Indies [Grenada, St.Vincent]. It is written in a fast-paced vernacular, and gives a revealing account of an officer's life - 'May 10th. Packed up my gun, hammock, a couple of changes of clothes, and my 13ft. square of oilskin, with my cooking apparatus and gridiron, a ham, some bread, and brandy, for my own use.............. on arriving at Chateau Bellair, Barney Jackson gave us a dinner in the Court House and Police Office, with lots of champagne, which latter had too great an effect on Doctor F---'s already excited brain. He got nearly screwed............'. He is frequently ill and undergoes much privation, some military and some recreational - 'Our Detachment at Carrickfergus consisted now of Captain Biscoe, Lieutenants Downman and Astley..... I went down there to have a day's shooting with Downman. After breakfast we started off...... the first hill out of town is a regular blower, and I found myself very weak..... turning our faces homewards, I was quite done... 'Pluck has it,' thought I, and put my bristles up, but it was no go.' Later in the year............ 'I arose with a tremendous headache and cold, but thought my cold bath would put me all right, but in this I was mistaken..... [Dr. G- was called] - G- whipped out a lancet, and instead of cutting up the vein, cut right across it, and took about thirty ounces of blood from me, which immediately relieved me of all pain but left me in a faint.........'.


Date Published: 1869. 8vo.

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