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Palestine Through the Stereoscope.

A set of 175, of 200 [lacking box no.4], stereocards in 7 book boxes, all cards are numbered, title below, and descriptive text in double-column on the reverse. Boxes 1, 2 and 3 in maroon paper-covered book boxes, nos.2 and 3 a little faded and dilapidated though complete, boxes 5-8 in faded green paper, without damage. All cards and images in very good condition.

*The numbering of the cards is somewhat eccentric, with many A, B and C cards. Box 3 contains cards numbered up until no.40, box 5 begins at no.48A - thus box 4 would have contained those cards numbered between 40 and 48. Each box contains 25 cards, the numbering running from 1 [box 1] to 100A [box 8].

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