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WESTALL, R[ichard] Artist and RYDER, T[homas] Engraver.
A Boy of Glamorgan Shire AND A Girl of Carnarvon Shire - a pair of coloured stipple engravings after R[ICHARD] WESTAL, engraved by T[HOMAS] RYDER, published by S. WATTS, 28 Walcot Place, Lambeth, [London].

SIZE : Circular images c.10.5 cms. diameter, in early, gilded, wooden frames, each with the original imprint portion of the print pasted to the reverse. These also each bear an uplifting legend : A Girl.... ' How happy is the harmless country maid who richly nature scorns superfluous aid ' : A Boy.... ' Come see Rural felicity which health and innocence ever enjoy '.

*RICHARD WESTALL [1765-1836], prolific illustrator for both fiction and poetry, illustrating the works of Shakespeare for Boydell, the Milton Gallery, Walter Scott, Goldsmith, Cowper and Gray. He was highly regarded as a portrait painter, painting several of Byron, and for eight years until his death, he was art teacher to Queen Victoria. THOMAS RYDER [1746-1810], London engraver, pupil of Isaac Basire, one of the first students at the Royal Academy, he became the foremost exponent in the technique of stipple engraving, and like Westall, produced a number of plates for Boydell's Shakespeare Gallery.

Date Published: 1788.

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