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[HAWAII] EMMA, Queen of Hawaii.
CARTE DE VISITE photograph of Queen Consort Emma Kalanikaumakaamano Kaleleonalani Na'ea Rooke of Hawai'i, together with her lady-in-waiting, Mrs. Hoopile, and English church dignitaries.

The carte was sold by S. AYLEN of Brighton, whose label is now pasted over the Oxford photographer's imprint. A pencil note is added to the reverse - ' Queen Emma of Sandwich Isles whose fan I have'

The image is a little faded but is otherwise in very good condition.

*Queen Emma of the Sandwich Isles [Hawaii], born 1836, died 1885, strongly nationalist and also pro-British. She visited England in 1865 and met with Queen Victoria who recorded the occasion in her diary - 'After luncheon I received Queen Emma, the widowed Queen of the Sandwich Islands or Hawaii. Met her in the Corridor & nothing could be nicer or more dignified than her manner. She is dark, but not more so than an Indian, with fine feathers [features?] & splendid soft eyes. She was dressed in just the same widow's weeds as I wear.' Both Queens had lost sons in infancy, indeed, Victoria had agreed to be godmother by proxy to Emma's son shortly before he died in 1862. This photograph must have been taken on that visit to England in 1865. It is included in a small photograph album also containing cartes of QUEEN VICTORIA, PRINCE EDWARD and PRINCESS ALEXANDRA, PRINCESS CHARLOTTE OF PRUSSIA, 2 views of PORTSLADE CHURCH [Brighton], 6 views of gardens, a croquet party, the ruins of the MANOR [probably PORTSLADE] and 'UNCLE EVELYN'S RUINS', 5 female portraits [mostly by Brighton or Lewes photographers] and 4 reproductions of Victorian genre paintings.

Date Published: [c.1865].

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