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1. 'ATORA' Refined Beef Suet. The Recipe Book.... Hugon & CO. Manchester. New Edition. No date. pp. 50. Colour printed wraps, now detached, else very good. 2. The GOLDEN FLEECE Cookery Book. [Golden Fleece Margarine] No date. pp. 16. Wraps, very good copy.

3. SMITH & SONS., Wholesale Druggists and Manufacturing Chemists. The Norfolk Cookery Book Presented to Housekeepers, Chefs, Cooks & All Interested in Good Cookery. 44-48 Magdalen Street, Norwich. No date. pp. 40. Paper wrappers now detached, small tear in inner margin of front cover without loss, a good copy. 4. STORK MARGARINE COOKERY SERVICE. Gayer Cakes with Satin Icing. London. No date [195?, according to the copy in the Wellcome]. pp. 20. Colour printed wrappers, very good copy. 5. MCDOUGALLS LTD. Cookery Book. two editions : 16th. [1930s?] pp. 48; 24th. [1950s?]. pp. 48. Both in coloured wrappers, very good copies. 6. THOMAS BELL & SON. LTD. Be-Ro Home Recipes, Scones, Cakes, Pastry, Puddings. 3 editions : 8th. [eight million], pp. 48; 18th. [eighteenth million], pp. 48; 24th.million, pp. 58, (ii). All in decorated wrappers, the last in colour, all very good copies. 7. CHIVERS' JELLIES - Firm Favourites, 2nd. Series, no.5 and 3rd. Series, nos.2 and 10. Each with a colour-printed front cover, the rest printed in blue, all very good copies.


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