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ROBERTSON, J[ohn]. M[ackinnon]. M.P. [1856-1933].
The Problem of 'The Merry Wives of Windsor'.

pp. 32. Original wrappers, newscutting pasted to inside of the rear cover, signature of MACLEOD YEARSLEY [1867-1951 - F.R.C.S.], a very good copy.

*TOGETHER WITH : 1. Verses - Typescript of Title and 5 pages, recto only, stapled into paper wrappers. No published version of Robertson's poems appears on COPAC. 2. The Religion of Shakespeare [1925]. Manuscript of 37 leaves, rectos only for the most part, with corrections, small quarto note-book. Robertson published a work with this title in 1887. In his Introduction here, he states - 'Thirty-eight years ago I delivered from this desk two lectures on the Religion of Shakespearer. In that interval there have been may discussions.........'. There does not appear to be a published version of this MS. 3. Literary Detection III. A Symposium on 'Twefth Night'. Typescript of 40 leaves, rectos only, in paper wrappers, ex-libris MACLEOD YEARSLEY, with his note at the front - 'Copy of the MS lent to me by Marley Denwood, Oct. 1933'. [Possibly unpublished, no copy on COPAC]. 4. New Views on Shakespeare. Typescript of 17 leaves, rectos only, stapled into paper wrappers, with note 'Typed by M[acleod]. Y[earsley]., July 1934.' [Possibly unpublished, no copy on COPAC]. 5. Shakespeare, an Estimate. From MS lent by Marley Denwood in 1933. 1943. Typescript of 21 leaves, rectos only, stapled into paper wrappers by Yearsley, with an Intoduction by him. [Possibly unpublished - no copy on COPAC]. 6. ALS - a collection of 43 autograph letters from Robertson to Macleod Yearsley, 1924-1932, mostly 4to., some 8vo, dealing with Robertson's views and experience of Watts and the Rationalist Press, his own work on Shakespeare etc., and personal matters. 7. MS copy in Yearsley's hand of ABEL LEFRANC Les Elements Francais du 'Peines d'Amour Perdues' de Shakespeare. 8. Typescript copy of - 'Der Bestrafte Budermord, translation of Kyd's tragedy, of 1594. JOHN MACKINNON ROBERTSON [1856-1933], was a prolific journalist, advocate of rationalism and secularism, and Liberal Member of Parliament in the United Kingdom for Tyneside from 1906 to 1918. He was born on the Isle of Arran and left school at the age of thirteen, working first as a clerk and then as a journalist. He became assistant editor of the Edinburgh Evening News. In 1878 he became a follower of secularist leader Charles Bradlaugh and became active in the secularist cause in Edinburgh, before moving to London to become assistant editor of Bradlaugh's paper National Reformer, subsequently taking over as editor on Bradlaugh's death in 1891[1]. The National Reformer finally closed in 1893. Robertson was also an appointed lecturer for the freethinking South Place Ethical Society from 1899 until the 1920s. Robertson's political radicalism developed in the 1880s and 1890s, and he first stood for Parliament in 1895, failing to win Bradlaugh's old seat in Northampton as an independent radical liberal. Robertson was a staunch free trader and his Trade and Tariffs (1908) "became a bible for free-traders pursuing the case for cheap food and the expansion of trade". Robertson died in London in 1933.

For The Shakespeare Association by Chatto and Windus. London.

Date Published: [1919].

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