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EINSTEIN, A[lbert].
Zum gegenwärtigen Stande des Gravitationsproblems. pp. 1249-1266.

CONTAINED IN : RIECKE, E. und SIMON, H. TH. (eds.). Physikalische Zeitschrift. Vol.14. 1913. pp. XXXI, (i), 1312. 65 plates.

Library copy with book-plate and stamp at the front, cloth scuffed and discoloured with a touch of wear to the spine ends, but despite its massive size, the joints are firm and the contents clean.

*WEIL #54; BONI, RUSS, LAURENCE #55 - Einstein's famous exposition to the 85th. Vienna Congress. In the following discussion, there are contributions from BORN, JÄGER, REISSNER, RIECKE, MIE, HASENÖHRL.

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