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A collection of carte-de-visite [cdv], cabinet [ct] and other format photographs : 1. MALE TWINS - by H. ANDREWS, Carlisle. Cdv. 2. CHANG & ENG BUNKER, Siamese Twins. LONDON STEREOSCOPIC & PHOTOGRAPHIC CO. Cdv. 3. CHRISSIE MILLIE [the Two-Headed Nightingale], OLLIVIER, NEW YORK. Cdv. 4. Ditto, D. S. L GERMONS, Temple of Art, 914 Arch Street, Philadelphia. Cdv. 5. [THE AZTECS [Maximo and Bartola] brother and sister], LONDON STEREOSCOPIC & PHOTOGRAPHIC CO., c.1873. Cdv. PLUS another 28 nineteenth century photographs of related subjects and 2 Exhibition catalogues, please send for full listing.


*See ROBERT BOGDAN. Freak Show. Presenting Human Oddities for Profit and Amusement. 1990. ALSO : National Fairground Archive, University of Sheffield.

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