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Notes on the Breeding Habits of Bats. 'The Naturalist'. 1905. pp. 325-330. 1 plate. The Development of the Senses in Bats. 'The Naturalist'. 1906. pp. 145-151. 1 plate.

The Flight of Bats. 'The Naturalist'. 1906. pp. 349-384. 1 plate. Bats, Their Senses and Habits. (ii), 6. BOOTH, H. B. The Barbastelle Bat (Barbastella barbastellus) at Helmsley: A New County Record. 1920. p.379-380. 2 figures. Creased from folding in the centre. BOOTH, H. B. On a Small Quantity of Air Necessary to Sustain Life in a Bat. The naturalist, 1907. p.26-27. BOOTH, H. B. Notes on Yorkshire Bats. 'The Naturalist', 1921. pp. 361-363. Wrappers. BOOTH, H. B. Habits of the Noctule (Versperugo noctula). The Zoologist. 1905. p. 427-429. Wrappers. BOLAM, George. Some Random Observations on Bats. North Western Naturalist. 1933. pp. 33-36. Creased where folded.


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