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JONES, Henry Festing.
Charles Darwin and Samuel Butler. A Step Towards Reconciliation.

pp. 28, (iv). Original printed grey paper wrappers, a very good copy.

*This pamphlet is reprinted in full in NORA BARLOW Darwin Autobiography. Romanes wrote to Darwin about Butler - '[He] is a lunatic beneath all contempt - an object of pity were it not for his vein of malice.' Butler had entered into a heated, albeit one-sided, controversy with Darwin over the English edition of Krause's biography of Erasmus Darwin. See FREEMAN Companion to Darwin, p.45 et seq. Butler was the grandson of the Rev. Samuel Butler, the head-master of Shrewsbury School when Darwin was a pupil there.

A. C. Fifield. London.

Date Published: 1911.

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