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JAMES, W[illiam]. Powell.
Guesses at Purpose in Nature with Especial Reference to Plants.

pp. 192, 16 Catalogue. Very pretty decorated cloth, a very good copy.

*COPAC gives six locations, including the British Library. The book uses the ancient device of a conversation between opposing views, in this case between Mr. Trevor, vicar and keen botanist, his daughter, and Mr. Ross, a sportsman, all travelling aboard a ship from Southampton to Barbados. 'It was only natural that they should break a friendly lance now and then on the question of Evolution. The younger man had unconsciously adopted a vague form of the theory much as he had followed the last new cut in his coat. Modern views have a charm for many minds simply because they are modern. To the Vicar it was still an unproved hypothesis, fascinating and partially true, it may be, but unsupported as yet by mere assumptions and probabilities.'

Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge. London.

Date Published: [1882].

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