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Energy of Lattice Distortion in Cold Worked Permalloy. Offprint from The Physical Review. Second Series, vol. 52, pp. 613-620. 9 figures. Sept.15th. 1937. TOGETHER WITH :

BOZORTH, R. M. and HAWORTH, F. E. Focussing an X-Ray Beam by a Rocksalt Crystal. Offprint from The Physical Review, Second Series, vol.53, pp. 538-544. 8 figures. April 1, 1938. TOGETHER WITH : HAWORTH, F. E. Apparatus for Determining Orientation of Crystals by X-Rays. Offprint from The Review of Scientiific Instruments, vol. II, pp. 88-91. 6 figures. March 1940.

All in the original printed wrappers of Bell telephone System, perforated on one side for filing, very good copies.

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