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KEITH, Arthur.
The Mechanism of Respiration in Man.

pp. 182-207. 1 figure. Extracted from the whole and bound in cloth-backed boards, a good copy.

*From a so-far unidentified work. Keith, in his Autobiography, describes at some length his researches into the topic of respiration. In 1901 he had started a series of approaches to understanding the mechanism of the diaphragm, leading to an interest in 'Glénard's Disease', published in 1902 in the London Hospital Gazette, and later as the Hunterian Lectures of 1903, published in the Lancet. In that year also, he had presented a paper to the Anatomical Society under the title - 'A Contribution to the Mechanism of Human Respiration'. See chapters 13 and 14 of his Autobiography.

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