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ANSTIE, Francis E. (ed.).
The Practitioner: A Monthly Journal of Therapeutics.

pp. x, 392. Publisher's cloth gilt, a bit faded otherwise a very good copy.

*Contains a number of interesting original articles - HENRY MAUDSLEY The Treatment of the Insane without Mechanical Restraints; ALFRED WILTSHIRE On the Treatment of Puerperal Convulsions by Chloroform and Barne's Dilators, With Notes of a Case; AUGUSTUS WALLER On the Compression of the Vagus Nerve, considered as a means of Producing Asthenia or Anaesthesia in Surgical Operations; PETER HOOD On Senile Delirium, and others by DYCE DUCKWORTH, BRUDENELL CARTER, GEORGE LAWSON, TILBURY FOX, DOUGLAS POWELL, CHRISTOPHER HEATH a.o.

Macmillan. London.

Date Published: 1870. Volume Five. July-December.

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