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Petites Constructions AÉROPLANE MONOPLAN avec lequel BLÉRIOT traversa la Manche.

A card sheet, 27½ x 20½ cms. approx., lithographed with 32 figures, with a key figure of Blériot in his aeroplane, the others to be cut from the card and assembled to create that model. In excellent condition.

*A rare example of a child's construction sheet, issued by Pellerin, a publisher of numerous juvenile titles, from about 1875 to 1930s, and including similar cut-out sheets for such objects as dolls and costumes. Many of these are listed by COPAC - the above is not recorded. BLÉRIOT was the first to fly across the Channel, on July 25th. 1909.

Imagerie d'Épinal, No 1375, Pellerin & Cie.

Date Published: No date [c.1909-1910].

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