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RICHET, Charles.
Traité de Métapsychique.

pp. (vi), IX, (i), 832 [of 848]. 30 text illustrations. Binder's cloth, top edge gilt, uncut, lacking the final two gatherings of the Index [16 pages], paper browning, offered as a very good working copy.

*RICHET [1850-1935], Professor Medicine at Paris, Nobel Prize winner in 1913 for his researches into anaphylaxis, a term that he coined. The above work on psychic phenomena is the result of many years reseach, translated into English in the same year as 'Thirty Years of Psychical Research'. In it he accepts various phenomena as valid, for example, telekinesis, cryptesthesia, ectoplasm, but rejects apports, levitation and the phenomenon of the double. Later work has shown that the mediumistic phenomena that he had accepted as genuine were in fact fraudulent, such as those of Marthe Béraud. His work was a sincere, scientific attempt to elucidate the captivating claims of psychics and mediums, but lacking the apparatus to fully investigate their productions. His mental struggle to be disinterested is rather similar to that of P. H. Gosse in his work on evolutionary theory.

Librairie Félix Alcan. Paris.

Date Published: 1923. Second edition.

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