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FARRAR, Reginald [Anstruther].
Plague in Manchuria. pp. 1-24.

CONTAINED IN : Proceedings of the Royal Society of Medicine , EPIDEMIOLOGICAL SECTION, volume the fifth, 1911-1912.

pp. iv, 214. Occasional figure. New paper wrappers, a very good copy.

*FARRAR (1861-1922), son of Dean Farrar, had been selected as British Representative to the International Plague Commission Report in Manchuria. He had been medical officer for plague and famine duty in India in 1899, and had studied public health administration in England under Dr. Allan on his return. Although he retired in 1921, he volunteered to go to Russia to help Nansen with the health of refugees; he died there of typhus fever. This volume also has papers by J. E. SANDILANDS Small-pox in London, 1885 to 1935 (sic); R. J. REECE Poliomyelitis in Devon and Cornwall;

Longmans, Green. London.

Date Published: 1912.

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