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The Athenian Mercury. Volume 8, Number 12, Saturday, October 8. 1692.

A single sheet, both sides printed, double column. The edges browned and a bit chipped, fold lines vertically and horizontally.

*An interesting example of one of the earliest coffee-house periodicals, and the first to be employ the Question and Answer format, of which there are 8 in this issue. Of especial interest here is QUESTION 7 - 'You have in some of your Mercuries ridicul'd the Transmutation of Metals, which may certainly be effected both by Natural and Artificial Means; by the last, as is daily seen by the Practice of Chymists,; the first, by Rivers, Spings, &c. There is a vast Mine in Hungary of pure Copper, in which there are several Springs running, if there be put into 'em any old or bad Iron, in 14 days it turns into excellent Copper; the truth of this is attested by Dr. Brown, in his Book of Travels, who himself was an Eye-Witness, and who has now some of this Transmuted Mettal by him, which he brought along with him: Query, What Use cou'd a Virtuoso make of this Water ?' ANSW. We have in some of our former Papers given our Opinion of the impossibility of changing baser Mettals into Gold, etc. etc.

Printed for John Dunton at the Raven in the Poultrey.

Date Published: 1692.

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