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LEITZ, Ernst.
A Collection of LEICA guides, manuals and catalogues, as follows:

1. EMANUEL, W. D. Leica Guide. How to Work the Leica and How to Work With the Leica. Foval Press. London & New York. 1944. Fifth edition. pp. 112. Many ills. Decorated wrappers. 2. Leica General Catalogue. Ernst Leitz. Wetzlar & London. August 1936. pp. 148. Errata leaf tipped in before title. Many ills. Original printed wraps, label removed from front cover and a small marginal tear without loss. 3. Leica - The Camera of modern Times. Ernst Leitz. Wetzlar & London. Dec. 1934. pp. 32. Ills. Decorated wrappers, label of London Camera Exchange on front cover. 4. ditto - April 1937. pp. [32]. Ills. Decorated wraps. 5. Leica Model II with automatic focusing. Ernst Leitz. Wetzlar. March 1933. pp. 16. Ills. Two loosely inserted cyclostyled price lists. Original decorated wrappers. 6. Directions - Leica Camera Model II. Ernst Leitz. Wetzlar. Jan.1933. pp. 48. Ills. With 3 loose Additional Instructions - Supplementary Directions - Directions on Printing Board. Decorated wrappers with label of London Camera Exchange on front cover. 7. Leica Accessories for the Scientist. Ernst Leitz. Wetzlar & London. Aug. 1933. pp. 47, (i). Ills. Original wraps, small hole in the inner margin of the front cover not affecting text. 8. Leica Accessories. Ernst Leitz. Wetzlar. March 1934. pp. 19. Ills. With loose price list. Original wraps. 9. The Interchangeable Leica Lenses. Ernst Leitz. Wetzlar. Jan. 1934. pp. 35. Ills. With loose price list. Origiinal wraps, a little wear to foot of the backstrip causing a split . 10. Leitz Enlarging Equipment. Ernst Leitz. Wetzlar & London. July 1933. pp. 47. Ills. Original decorated wraps, label of London C. E. on front cover. 11. Leitz Developing and Printing Appliances for Leica Films. Ernst Leitz. Wetzlar. Jan. 1933. pp. 15. Ills. Original wraps. 12. A Chat - Amateur 'Q' (who up to now has used a -plate camera) Leica Enthusiast 'L' (a convinced follower of the miniature camera). Ernst Leitz. Wetzlar. Nov. 1933. pp. 16. Ills. Original wraps. 13. Leitz 'Focomat' Enlarger with Automatic Focusing. Ernst Leitz. Wetzlar. March 1934. Folded sheet with ills. WITH: Instructions for use of the Leitz 'Focomat' Enlarger with automatic focusing. Ernst Leitz. Wetzlar & LOndon. March 1935. pp. 11. Ills. Decorated wraps. 14. Why Leica ? Ernst Leitz. Wetzlar. Nov. 1932. pp. 12. Ills. Decorated wraps. 15. Lens Tables for the Leica Camera. Ernst Leitz. Wetzlar and London. May 1934. pp. 40. Decorated wraps. 16. A bundle of 9 printed and 2 cyclostyled sheets of accessories etc.

All in very good condition except where faults stated.

*An exceptional collection of 25 predominantly 1930s printed ephemera in excellent condition, much sought after by Leica enthusiasts.

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