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Alderman Akeinside's 'Bit of Dinner, at the Club' !

A Carte de Visite photograph album containing 29 cartes, the first of which has a lithographed introductory text, titled as above, within a garland border, the remaining 28, numbered, cartes comprise albumen print photographs of comical drawings, also within matching garland borders, each with lithographed text below. The drawings illustrate the gluttonous night-out of Alderman Akeinside at his club, his inebriated return home and a final consultation with Dr. Sloe and Mrs. Akeinside.

Each carte has the imprint 'Published by B. & Co. London (Wholesale)', within a circle on the verso, no date [c.1870s], within the original elaborate pressed morocco album lettered in gilt on the front cover - 'The Club Adventures of Alderman Akeinside'. Newly rebacked, the contents variously dust marked and stained in the margins, one window for the cartes was torn and is now repaired, the photographs are faded and the top corners of each card are clipped for easier insertion into the windows, one is torn at the lower edge with a very small piece lost.

*A very curious and clearly rare production, no record can be found of the publisher, nor of the title in any format. The album itself is certainly original to the production, and the whole may either be viewed as a book, with lithographed text illustrated by photographs, or as a collection of photographs. From the Introduction - 'August ye 12th. 18-- Dine at the Club tomorrow ? Of course I shall, whoever heard of such a thing ? Mrs. A. wont eat turtle, never did: I dont like Ice: because I once fell into the Serpentine: no wonder she dont know the difeerence between Turtle and boiled Goose!! Some people dont know the difference between a sheeps head and a Carrot !'

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