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HARTLEY, Sir Percival Horton-Smith and ALDRIDGE, Harold Richard.
Johannes de Mirfeld of St. Bartholomew's, Smithfield. His Life and Works.

pp. xvi, (ii), 191, (i). WITHOUT THE 4 PLATES.

*A collection of the galleys from the CUP, for Hartley and Aldridge's book, with copious corrections by Hartley, PLUS a series of 9 letters from CRUTCHLEY, Assistant Printer to the CUP, PLUS 8 letters from co-author ALDRIDGE, PLUS a few leaves of notes by Hartley and some other correspondence, PLUS a ms. copy of the Index, all loose within two cloth cases, one of them as issued for the book. The prelims. are present in two corrected copies, the final two gatherings are triplicated, with an extra, fourth copy, of the last gathering.

University Press. Cambridge.

Date Published: 1936.

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