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The Nomenclature of Diseases Drawn up by a Joint Committee Appointed by The Royal College of Physicians of London..

pp. xxiv, 327, (i). With an 8-line Omissions slip loosely inserted. Original cloth-backed boards, a little dusty, else a very good copy.

*A necessary precondition to a statistical analysis of public health; in this respect the Committee was greatly aided by WILLIAM FARR. The names are given in English and Latin, French, German and Italian. It is of interest to note that DR. HOOKER, presumably Joseph Dalton Hooker, revised the botanical names. Apart from the statistical aspect of nomenclature mentioned above, the act of naming a condition also had an influence on its therapeutic outcome. In his treatise on the Brain (1894), Batty Tuke discusses the advances made by scientific investigation of the nervous system and contrasts these with the near mediaeval views on insanity still held at the end of the eighteenth century and perpetuated by definitions into the nineteenth. He refers to the above Nomenclature - 'The views of Medicine regarding insanity at the end of the last century remained practically unchanged from those of the Middle Ages; its character as a symptom of disease being pretty generally recognised, but the recognition being accompanied by the feeling that it differed in some mysterious way from other diseases. It was therefore inevitable that the psychological principle should find expression in nomenclature, and that the original Hippocratic classification of mania, melancholia, and dementia should be adhered to down to within the last thirty years...... In the first issue (1871) (sic) of the official 'Nomenclature of Diseases....' all the insanities were ranged under six 'Disorders of the Intellect', a severe line being drawn between them and diseases of the general system. Therapeutic treatment was necessarily affected by this crystallisation of false theory....'.

For The Royal College of Physicians by Spottiswoode & Co. London.

Date Published: 1869. First edition.

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