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[HOPKINS, Sir Frederick Gowland].
Two early certificates relating to Hopkins's education - COLLEGE OF PRECEPTORS to FREDERICK G. HOPKINS, Pupil of C. P. Newcombe, Esq. of Alexandra Park College, Hornsey. - Certificate of the First Class First Division in these subjects: English History - Geography - English Grammar and Composition - Book Keeping - Chemistry - Drawing - Latin - French - Arithmetic, Algebra, Geometry - Experimental Physics - Natural History. Christmas, 1877.

UNIVERSITY COLLEGE, LONDON - to certify that F. Gowland Hopkins of Enfield Attended my Lectures on Agricultural Chemistry, Jan. to March 1883, and worked daily in the Laboratory from Feb. to July 1883 with diligence and to my great satisfaction. Charles Grahame, Professor.

The College certificate is torn at the top right corner with slight loss, with a few edge tears, the University College certificate has been folded several times but is in other ways in good condition without loss.

*GOWLAND HOPKINS (1861-1947), was born in Eastbourne and on the early death of his father, went, with his mother, to live with his uncle and grandmother in Enfield. From 1871 he attended the City of London School but playing truant for several weeks, he was sent to a private school, the Alexandra Park College, on leaving which he worked for six months in an insurance office, followed by taking his articles with a consulting analyst in the City for three years. At the age of twenty, on a small legacy from his paternal grandafther, Hopkins enrolled at the Royal School of Mines, taking a course in chemistry under Edward Frankland. After a brief period working with Frankland's son Percy, he studied for the associateship of the Institute of Chemistry at University College, London. The two documents offered here verify these biographical details [see DNB] and are a remarkable survival of otherwise trivial material, but relating to the discoverer of vitamins and a Nobel Prize winner, are elevated to historical status.

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