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On a certain Atomic Hypothesis. [part 1, of 2].

pp. 71-120. Text figures. Contained within the entire volume, the whole present as unbound sheets with an original, unfolded wrapper, all in very good condition, very unusual.

*See MORANT Bibliography of the Statistical and Other Writings of Karl Pearson, 1939, #415 - this paper forms part one of a two part series, the second one of which appeared in 1888 in the Proceedings of the London Mathematical Society. The main body of the above paper is dated 1883, one year before he took up the post of lecturer in applied mathematics and mechanics at University College, London. It is only his ninth publication on pure and applied mathematics and physical sciences [Morant lists 648 separate publications].

Transactions of the Cambridge Philosophical Society, v.XIV, pt.II.

Date Published: 1885.

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