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Experiments in Examination of the Peripheral Distribution of the Fibres of the Posterior Roots of Some Spinal Nerves. Parts I and II.

pp. 641-763, (i). 11 plates, 9 figures; 45-186. 4 plates. Ex-libris Anatomy School, Cambridge with usual marks of provenance, binder's cloth with wrappers to part I laid down and bound in and ditto the rear wrapper to part II, a good copy.

*See DENNY-BROWN in HAYMAKER-SCHILLER Founders of Neurology, p.270 - '... it was Sherrington who provided the evidence for a one-way transmission at the 'synapse' and the concept of convergence of reflex channels on a 'final common path'. This for the first time provided an explanation for flexibility and adaptation in nervous function. He began with a systematic delineation of the innervation of muscles and skin by the nerve roots, published in three large papers: in 1892, 1894 [actually 1893], and 1898.'

Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London. v.184, B and v.190, B.

Date Published: 1893;1898. 4to.

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