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A collection of books and pamphlets relating to the development and military and peace-time use of ATOMIC ENERGY.

This collection contains more than 160 titles and is offered as one lot. It includes - Atomic Energy Act, 1946 - GLASSTONE & DOLAN Effects of Nuclear Weapons, 1977 - BLACKETT & ALLIBONE Atomic Energy. A Frightful Weapon of War....1946 - Armed Forces Special Weapons Project: Radiological Defense, 1951 (Restricted Circulation) - DEMENT & DAKE Uranium and Atomic Power, 1945 - NEVIL SHUTE On the Beach, 1957 First edition - other novels relating to the use of atomic energy - MENDELSSOHN What is Atomic Energy, 1946 - many biographies of those involved - Oppenheimer, Tizard, Lawrence, Feynman, Heisenberg et al. and many rare ephemeral and standard classic titles. A detailed listing is available on request.


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